High School Athlete academy @ pro-fit gym

Are you ready to become a dominant athlete? If so, this is the program you need to make that happen! With the right training plan and work ethic you will make significant improvements in your vertical, strength, and speed.  Over the last 12 years Aaron has evolved his Athlete Performance Model. This model is proven by the numerous athletes that have excelled in their sports including: 80+ college scholarships, 60+ Division I, and 14 high school state championships won. You will receive in-person expert instruction from Aaron, a training program specific to you, and nutritional guidance.

Pro-Fit Gym • 770 Quarry Rd, Coralville, IA

[online] High School Athlete academy

My elite training program is accessible to you from anywhere in the world using my personalized app! I expertly design each training day incorporating strength, agility, speed and/or conditioning with linked exercise videos and tips. Each exercise can be performed with minimum equipment and modifications are available.