I have been coaching over 16 years, which I am proud of because I’ve had tremendous experiences and growth along the way.  To put that in context I have programmed over 15,000 workouts, coaching over 20,000 hours. In that time span I had the privilege of coaching with some of the best strength coaches (S&C) in the country. These coaches are some of the highest paid S&C Coaches in the Big Ten, with some holding various titles in the NFL and Major Leagues. In addition to learning first hand in their programs, I was fortunate to be part of nearly a dozen Kettlebell certifications (RKC/SFG) as either a Student or an Instructor. I have also assisted speed camps with internationally known Youth Development Coach/IYCA Co-Founder Brian Grasso. Early on I witnessed success first hand and learned how to implement it to develop elite-level high school athletes.  


I created an Athlete Performance Model for High School Athletes that teaches proper motor skills and movement patterns. This is the script of what a developing athlete needs to acquire in order to become successful. You do not get this level of training at your high school, which gives my athletes the competitive advantage. Athletes learn the building blocks, then continue to build more strength, speed, and agility, which makes them superior athletes. With my Athlete Academy Program I give you the plan and teach you how to correctly execute the movements. You need minimal equipment to get started and each exercise has alternative exercises based on what is available to you. If you put the work in you will have incredible success. I’ve worked first hand with 80+ athletes that received collegiate scholarships with 60+ being Division I.  

If I were you, I would want to work with someone that really knows their craft! They should have great expertise, therefore I will experience results faster. Secondly, I would like to know if I will get accountability. Lastly, I would like to know if there is a way for me to continually evolve and progress with my athleticism. I am not interested in boring and I am not interested in plateaus. If you are a motivated athlete and want to experience significant gains in your vertical, speed and strength, then let's get started!

I’ve trained many high school athletes in Iowa. Here are some examples of their outcomes.

  • 8 National Team Members across 7 different Sports, from 3 different countries

  • Over 80 earned collegiate scholarships, 60 of them Division I Scholarships.

  • 14 High School State Champion Teams.

  • Many female athletes that increased their vertical jumps by 7 to 15 inches.

  • One athlete increased her vertical from 22 to 35 inches.  She became an Iowa High School State Record Holder Sprinter, All-American and National Team Volleyball Player.  

  • A lineman gained 25 pounds and bettered his 40-yard dash from 5.3 to 4.7. Another football player gained 9lbs, bettering his 40-yard time from 4.28 to 4.23. Both outcomes were achieved over one summer. 

  • A high school female to dunk a basketball. In the 6 months prior she increased her vertical by 7 inches and gained 13 pounds of muscle.

  • A High School Baseball Player that became a 1st Round MLB Draft Pick. A Former MLB Pitcher to not only get re-signed but became that MLB team’s Opening Day Starter.

  • 6 USA National Team Members, 1 New Zealand National Team Member, 1 Italian National Team Member, 1 World Champion.